Author: Gaelan Campbell


What Does It Take To Be An RA?

      Maybe you locked yourself out of your room again, maybe you had an emergency or maybe you really just needed someone. Whatever it may be, when you don’t know what to do, you call your RA. It is hard to exactly pin down what a resident assistant […]


Importance of a Quality Holiday

      During the Exodus, the Hebrews were reminded of their time in bondage, specifically commanded by God to not allow themselves to forget what it was like to suffer. We suffer, so that we might understand one another, or rather, empathize with each other. Pain is what makes […]


Marketplace of Ideas?

      There’s a lot of debate nowadays about what exactly the purpose of a University is. You might think it is fairly straightforward, but upon further inspection it is not so certain. Many people will tell you to go to school to get a job. I assume that’s […]