Articles written by: Gaelan Campbell


Marketplace of Ideas?

      There’s a lot of debate nowadays about what exactly the purpose of a University is. You might think it is fairly straightforward, but upon further inspection it is not so certain. Many people will tell you to go to school to get a job. I assume that’s […]


Stewardship: Be The Change You Want to See in Your Own World

      When you are new, be it at work, at school, or anywhere, you find yourself in an awkward position. If you are too ambitious or bold, you run the risk of seeming aggressive or overconfident. If you hold back, people might walk all over you. Especially in […]


Election 2018: Democrats take control of the house of representatives as republicans focus their efforts elsewhere

      Politics are ever-present in the lives of most Americans. While I can’t say this with absolute certainty, it at least seems as though this fact is more true on college campuses than anywhere else. Where your Thanksgiving dinner table or workplace shies away from the topic, the […]


Around the World: A look into the Ukraine’s church feud with Russia

      Recently, under the shadow of political tensions over the Ukraine and its current conflict with Russia, the church is seeing a major split in an otherwise enduring tradition. Where in the west, the protestant church is characterized by countless divisions and subdivisions, in the east, major schisms […]


Tragedy in Pittsburg: Another act of violence plagued the nation as a synogogue was targeted.

      Despite the 24 hours news cycle often drifting away from the issue, the epidemic of mass shootings continue. We must all feel so numb of the predictable conversations that will be had. Conversations deeply concerned with the mechanics of firearms will be had, the second amendment will […]


#The Resistance: Large corporations are capitalizing on political activism. We shouldn’t let them.

      In an era soon fit to match maybe only the late 60’s, political tension has remained high since the 2016 election. Mass marches, protests, and online movements quickly eclipsed the then present anger over the incoming administration. What started symbolically years ago with the Occupy movement, now […]


The Role of Technology in the Classroom

      “Alright, put your phones away. Time for class.” The phrase echoes in the mind of anyone who has step foot in an American classroom in their lifetime. Understandably, educators at every level from primary and secondary education to college professors shouldn’t have to compete with the distractions […]


People of Eastern: Dr. Eloise Meneses

      Dr.Eloise Meneses is a professor of Anthropology here at Eastern University. She has come a long way (literally) to be part of this community. Dr. Meneses was actually born to missionaries who were working in India, and spent much of her childhood there homeschooled by her parents. […]


Eastern Ranked in Best Colleges for Students with ASD

      Attending university can be one of the most    daunting experiences for young people living in the United States. From either the societal pressure to make something of yourself or the great financial burden of education, a young adult venturing out on their own might find themselves […]


Sodexo Gets An Update: Students and staff weigh in on the changes to Eastern’s dining services.

      When I came to Eastern as a freshman I needed a job. I didn’t have my car with me, so an off-campus job was out of the question. I was limited to what was offered on campus, even more so by the fact that I had no […]