Author: Gaelan Campbell


Around the World: Nigeria

The 2016 Brexit referendum has created political chaos as pro-European Union and British independence movements fight over what the future of the United Kingdom will look like. There are a variety of diplomatic and economic decisions that will be made, specifically regarding immigration and the sovereignty of the UK’s territories. […]


Defending SpaceX

On February 6, American tech industry star Elon Musk saw his dream, and the countless employees at SpaceX dream become a reality. The Falcon Heavy test launch was successful. This launch was historic for many reasons. It is a huge leap forward for space travel, as the primary innovation developed […]


A Discussion on Social Justice: Dr. Flynn Leads a Talk on Social Justice in the Progressive Era

Eastern University’s mission is to develop its students into better academics and more spiritually mature individuals. While this is something we share in common with many other universities, our commitment to justice is vital to our identity as a Christian college, and this semester, that commitment has taken the form […]


Darkness Rises and Light Meets It

      Much has been said about the most recent addition to the “Star Wars” franchise. Many fans  enjoyed another adventure into that galaxy far, far away that we love so much, but there seems to be an equal number of fans who left theaters in disappointment. I myself […]


States Lead The Way In Education

While the prospect of “free college” was a point of tension for many in the 2016 election, it seems that states are charting a path ahead on the issue. Recently, states like New York have adopted programs that make public college more accessible by providing free tuition through scholarships. In […]


Legislation That Will Define An Era

While you were asleep last Saturday, a piece of legislation passed in the senate that will alter the U.S. tax code drastically, and while this bill still needs to be amended to fi t with the house version before it becomes law, it is only a matter of time before […]


America’s Attention Span Problem

      Tragedy strikes. A tsunami in Southeast Asia. A terrorist attack in Europe. A scandal in the government. You know the headlines. They appear before your eyes on television screens as you get ready for work, check social media on your phone, or read the paper (heaven forbid), […]


A Step Forward For Drug Policy

       In the past few weeks, the president has brought up a topic that, in light of foreign affairs and cultural clashes, hasn’t seen much limelight. This topic, the topic of drug policy, should be one that we are all concerned about. The drug crisis has had serious […]