A Spring Break to Remember: Rhode Island and Friends

      You get comfortable after four years. The same food. The same classrooms. The same dorms. Over the course of my time at Eastern, while I have changed quite a lot (hopefully for the better), the backdrop to my college career has been static.

      One of the biggest changes I’ve had to adjust to though was how quickly friends come and go. My best friend, Parker Desautell, was a student here last year. He was always a year ahead of me as he transferred in as a sophomore my freshman year. He was my roomate for two years, but unfortunately, I’ve had to go through my senior year without him.

      So this break I decided to do something about my discontent. My friends Rob and Rachel and I made a trip up to Rhode Island, which is close to the part of Mass. that Parker is from. There, we stayed by the shore where a friend of ours was staying in some New Englander’s summer home.

      For a few days, me, Parker and the rest of our friends enjoyed each other’s’ company and took in the scenery. We listened to music and talked for hours. Peter (our host) took us out to see an old lighthouse where we relaxed in the cold New England sea breeze. Seals played down by the rocks, gulls rode the wind, and time seemed to move slower than usual.

      As I approach the end of my time at Eastern, I and many others worry about what will happen to the friendships we’ve cultivated. Things will be different. That much is certain, but if all I get is a few days a year with my best friend, then I’ll take it.

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