Fall Favorites

It may be hard to believe, but Fall is here! Like every season, Fall has its own special traits that make it unique and fun. Fall is back-to-school time, it’s the start of the football season, it provides relief from the take-your-breath-away heat of summer and it signals the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For me personally, Fall is a special time because it symbolizes a fresh start. It means that a new semester and new cross country season have arrived. I enjoy running and simply taking in the vast array of colors that the fall foliage provides, I enjoy hearing the sound of crunching leaves under my feet and I especially enjoy the cool, crisp feel that Fall days, especially mornings, provide. I love Fall!

That’s what I find most enjoyable about this beautiful season. But we here at the Waltonian wanted find out what some of you, our fellow students, like most about Fall. So I interviewed a few people, and here’s what they had to say:”My favorite part of Fall is the beautiful colors,” junior John Harris said. “I love everything about Thanksgiving and really enjoy a cup of apple cider and a piece of pumpkin pie.” Senior Hailey Cunningham said her favorite part of the season “is simply the smell of fresh fallen leaves.”

“My favorite part of Fall is all the candy that comes with Halloween,” senior John Holbert said. And Professor Robin Lowery has this to say: “Fall has the best weather, just when it hits the point that you need a sweater or need to bring a blanket to watch an outdoor game. Plus you see the gorgeous colors when the leaves change.”

There’s no question that Fall is a very special and beautiful time of year and, as you can see, everybody has a different blend of reasons for loving it. Whatever your favorite parts of the season may be, take some time this Fall to get out and enjoy the beauty that God created for us to enjoy. 

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