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Faculty advice to the class of 2013

The road of life is full of pitfalls and heartaches and it seems unfair at times, but it is important that you remain true to your Christian principles (Phil 4:13) and beliefs. Because in the end, earnest, hard work and dedication will always pay handsome rewards. Dr. Benjamin Dube Biology […]

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The Alumni Office

Staying connected to EU

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Summer art exhibits for a rainy day

With all of the free time that comes with ending the spring semester, summer is the perfect opportunity to explore local exhibits and take in some artwork. The Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are both locations offering plenty of different art and history exhibits to explore on […]

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NBA Playoffs: No surprises here

The NBA playoffs are underway and one thing has been incredibly clear: the gap between the best teams and the average ones has become fairly large.  Naturally, upsets have been hard to come by so far.  Take the Eastern Conference, for instance.  Anyone who lives in the United States or […]


Thriving alum demonstrate that Eastern prepares students for post-college life

For four years, you’ve slaved over essays, studied into the early morning hours and held a job, all while attending classes. Now, it’s about to come to an end. With graduation a week away, you’re finishing the last lines of your final paper. You think: “I’m so close!” Excitement builds. […]

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A day in the life of Bill

One swipe at a time

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Hilarious and Scandalous:

MTV Movie Awards 2013

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Advice to Underclassmen from two dapper seniors

  First: Engage yourself in Eastern’s community. There is really no other period in our life we will get to experience the unique community found on a Christian college campus, especially one like Eastern. If becoming more like our Christ is our goal, then I believe the maturation of this […]


The Benjamin T Carr Memorial Award

Press Release from the Templeton Honors College

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Boston Bombings hit home

In theory, we all know that only particular Muslims do bad things, and that we shouldn’t throw all Muslims into the “scary” category. The actions taken by Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev at the Boston Marathon should not be taken as representative of Muslims as a whole. But if we all […]