Eyebrow Microblading & Let The Brow Pen Comparison Commence

A lot of people are wondering if many people have messaged me and asked him not sure which one to pick which would suit me the best microblading process, so therefore I’ve decided to make this video just showing some pictures and examples to help you decide what would be best for you, if your skin type did not play a role long story short if you have a very oily skin type, oily t zone micro blading alone does not last very long, therefore recommend a combo brow or a brow in that case now she first let me show you some pictures that I have printed here from Instagram and I thought it was perfect microblading healing stages.For example, to show you the difference between the different bra styles and how they would look on you so let’s see if you have very thin bra that just a little bit hair on one area and not much hair on the other side of the bronco example here the tail pretty much missing this would be a um brow, which is shaded all throughout and leaving it pretty light in the front powder brow would be a all for a while, this would be an example of just micro blading so you can see just a micro bleeding strokes and in this case I don’t think this is the best scenario for this client over here, she was real just because you can see the areas where she has hair and in the air, she doesn’t it just does not blend well together, therefore recommend to someone like that to get a combo brow so you’ll have the brow strokes and the shading altogether, which is a combination of these two together in one and therefore the whole brow is all blended together and you get the full brow look so.If that’s what your brow looks like I would definitely recommend one or the other now if you already have a full eyebrow here, you just want to add more definition a little bit more shape to the um and more density microbial law will be a great choice for you as well, you can also do the shading amber brow or the cobra as well, but you can definitely just do the micro blading in that case I will insert a picture showing a great example of someone who had beautiful I brought her she just wanted more definition and shape to them.Yeah.Now let’s say for someone that has no eyebrows at all, they just want to add a obviously eyebrows that I wrote drawing them in every day and trying to get them as even as possible for them I would definitely recommend again just a shaded or the combo brow microwaving alone will still show skin in between the air strokes now for individuals that have half a brow and entail missing or the other way around a combo brow a brow would be recommended now if you have scars on your brows I again will recommend a sheet a technique which is done with a machine, a combo or a brave brow for individuals that have very low tails and you would like to lift a little bit up to give you a little bit more of the fake facelift in that case again I would definitely go with a combo or aubrey role most likely combo give that a big hail stroke, look a Michael reading alone again but not a.Fill everything up and give you that full brow another scenario is if you have a pencil, thin eyebrows again the nineties and the eighties but they have done to us in that case I would also recommend a combo on brow, probably a combo would be a great option for you, let me let me just quickly review, if you already have beautiful full eyebrows or just need a little shaping to them, admiral symmetry and definition, you can definitely just do the micro blading, if you have brown hair missing and you’d like to blend that area with the brow area trophy ha, a combination bra would be a better option for you and individuals that have a full brows missing no brow hair I would definitely recommend accommodation or on brow now Andre brown combination bro, you can get that done.No matter what kind of brow situation, you already have, but for the micro blading, um, you do need brown hair so you can blend in their hair strokes with them and I hope that kind of explained it a little bit further let me know what you think a feel free to reach out to me, you can leave a comment if you’re my Youtube channel, you can leave a comment down below.

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