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A Day with Dean Hawkins

Dean Daryl Hawkins is described by most Eastern students as a mysterious person. However, he is not like most other Dean of Students from other colleges. Rather, as the Dean of Students, he spends his time with the students and the Eastern community. Although Dean Hawkins cannot reveal a specific […]

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Rape in the Media

The media should try to seek justice and compassion for victims

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Diving into the Waltonian Archives

Like every community, Eastern University has a history that is exciting, heartwarming, and occasionally, a little bit strange. After digging through The Waltonian’s archives, we are pleased to report that this is what was happening at Eastern about ten years ago: “Dorm opens in Bryn Mawr, is long-term plan” For […]

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The Issue: The Lottery

The lottery is beneficial



This weekend’s strangest and funniest hashtags


Social Media as a career

How Facebook is much more than just a waste of time

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The do’s and don’ts of social media

Do: Try to be as funny as possible. “The first time a heard about Lacrosse I asked, what’s that, is that a sport? I thought that was something you found in a Mexican

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To love one’s self well

Thomas a’Kempis, 13th century theologian and author of “The Imitation of Christ,” beautifully asserts, “Indeed, by loving myself badly I lost myself; by seeking only You and by truly loving You I have found both myself and You, and by that love I have reduced myself more profoundly to


Smart apps for your smart phone

With the rise of the smartphone and its plethora of apps there has come unparalleled access to, well, just about everything. It means that the world is suddenly and quite literally at mankind’s fingertips! And while some may see the ability to be constantly “plugged in” as a blessing, curse, […]

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Organs for Sale

The rise of trafficking organ donors