Men’s Lacrosse Team Excites

The men’s lacrosse team seems to be having another successful season after winning the MAC Championship last year. The Eagles, who boast a 7-2 record, are committed to making it even further this year under the leadership of second-year head coach, Kevin Wallace. Eastern had a stand-out performance on March 14th against Gettysburg College despite the loss in overtime by one point (12-11). Gettysburg was ranked number ten.
 The success of this team has drawn large crowds to not only the home games, but away games as well. Numerous students traveled an hour north before Easter break to watch the team win (12-3) against Messiah College. “Packing the hill” is a term used to get fans to fill up the hill by the turf field for games. It has always been associated with men’s lacrosse, and even more so after their successful season last year.
 “I am excited to see where the team is going to go this year” said Eastern University lacrosse fan Matthew Kenyon. “They showed their true potential against a top-ranked team so it will be interesting to see how far they make it.”
Not only will the team be competing for a Freedom Conference Championship, but they also need to earn a Pool B bid in order to return to the NCAA tournament. Which means, every game they play is important, not just the conference games. Overall, they need to win games and they need to win by a lot.
 If you find yourself with some free time, come out and support the team by packing the hill!

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