BIZZARE Fall Holidays

Elephant Appreciation Day:

September 22nd:

When elephant enthusiast Wayne Hepburn expanded his collection of elephant figurines and general elephant knowledge, he caught the eye of entertainment company WildHeart Productions, and the holiday was officially declared in 1996. This day is meant to acknowlede the noble qualities of the elephant and celebrate their mass appeal.

Ask a Stupid Question Day:

September 28th

It’s pretty self explanatory. This is the day to unleash all your silly inquiries and crazy thoughts. Started by a group of American school teachers in the 1980s, this Fall holiday encourages students to ask everything that comes to mind. On this day, no question is too stupid—so don’t hold back!

Balloons Around the World Day:

October 5th

This October, balloon artists all around the world will gather to create some of their best work. According to the holiday’s official website, this day originated to “highlight the act of giving, to deliver thousands of smiles and to showcase the art of balloon twisting and decorating.” This is the perfect day to release your inner child.

World Pasta Day:

October 25th

On this Fall holiday, everyone is Italian! When the World Pasta Congress met in Rome in 1995, it was decided that every nation should be exposed to the overall experience of pasta dinners. Since then, pasta enthusiasts have congregated each year on this day to communally enjoy the dish and spread its benefits around the world.

World Hello Day:

November 21st

This special day has been a campaign for world peace for almost forty years. Created in 1973 as a response to a conflict between Egypt and Israel, this holiday has been celebrated by over 180 countries. All it requires is for one to say hello to at least ten people as a message of peace. So see who you can say hello to this November and spread the love! 

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