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Athlete’s Corner: Marin Dremock prepares for another successful season at Eastern.

Marin Dremock, a current sophomore at Eastern University, is coming up on her second Spring season as an athlete on Eastern’s Women’s golf team. Last Spring, she placed first in the Lebanon Valley College invitational hitting 86. Below is a brief summary of an interview with Marin.  How long have […]

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Mental Health in Professional Sports: Basketball player Ben Simmons has not played in about a year citing mental health.

Of late, mental health has become a hot button topic in sports due to recent revelations from players, with the most recent coming from 76ers star Ben Simmons. While some are shocked by this, I do not find it surprising. Sports are a high pressure environment. Think about what other […]

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EU Tennis Opener: Eastern Eagles will head to Camden to open up the Spring season.

There were many people questioning whether there would be a tennis season this year or not a few months ago. That question has since been answered as Eric Houston has stepped in as the interim head coach for the mens and womens teams this season. Houston also coaches the women’s […]

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Big Offseason Moves Ahead: The Philadelphia Eagles will try to build off a decent season heading into 2022.

After the 2021-2022 season many Philly fans were pleasantly surprised with how the Philadelphia Eagles season turned out. Many analysts predicted the Eagles would not only have a losing season, but had the Eagles winning five games or less. Not only did the Eagles have a winning season of 9-8 […]

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Blockbuster Trade: A trade needed for both sides, a student gives opinion on who won.

On Feb. 10, the trade between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers shook the NBA. The Sixers traded their former 2016 1st overall pick, Ben Simmons, alongside Andre Drummond, Seth Curry with two first-round picks for superstar James Harden and Paul Millsap. While many analysts have said the Nets […]

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Two Palmer Initiatives Receive Support from the Lilly Endowment

Palmer Theological Seminary recently received a five-year grant totaling $1 million dollars to fund two key efforts supporting clergy leaders in the church and community—the Alumni Care Initiative, and soon-to-be launched Center for Care, Vitality, & Formation. The funds will help expand existing activities and create new opportunities to serve […]

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It’s Okay To Say “Both:” Normalizing the inclusive answer, although unsatisfying.

Have you ever been asked to choose between two options but you realize you don’t want to, not because you’re lazy but because you like both options? And you can’t just say “both” because that isn’t the spirit of the question. Well I think we need to normalize saying “both.” […]

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Hard Pill to Swallow: The Hydro Flask is the best water bottle.

There is an intense debate on how Hydroflasks are the worst water bottles in the world since the “VSCO” girls took over. VSCO girls are scrunchie obsessed girls who put stickers on everything they have, especially their Hydro Flask water bottles. Since they are considered annoying, the reputation for these […]

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Counterpoint: Hydro Flask’s water bottles are not as extravagant as some may believe.

It has come to my attention that people are arguing that Hydro Flasks are the best water bottles.  However, I am writing this to tell you that that is incorrect.  First of all, Hydro Flasks became popular through the VSCO girl movement.  The VSCO girl movement refers to oversized t-shirts […]

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Optional Worship Should Stay Optional: Eastern’s administration fails to adequately advertise the OneGen brunch worship service.

If you were at Sunday brunch at the Dining Commons on Feb. 20, you probably noticed One Gen leading a worship session at that time there. If you’re like me, you had no idea this was going to happen. And it wasn’t exactly a pleasant surprise. I’m not here to […]