Athlete’s Corner: Marin Dremock prepares for another successful season at Eastern.

Marin Dremock, a current sophomore at Eastern University, is coming up on her second Spring season as an athlete on Eastern’s Women’s golf team. Last Spring, she placed first in the Lebanon Valley College invitational hitting 86. Below is a brief summary of an interview with Marin. 

How long have you been playing golf? 

“[Been] swinging a club for about 12 years… [I] never belonged to a country club, just played a lot of sports and golf was one of them… I started competing throughout high school” 

This is your second year with Eastern golf. Has it been a good experience so far? Are you looking forward to future years with Eastern golf? 

“All I can speak to is my experience individually…it’s been a good experience for playing golf and interacting with people but I haven’t got experience playing on a team…because we haven’t had enough girls. I’m somewhat hopeful that we’ll get more girls recruited, but I don’t know how possible that is because after this year we will be done to one: myself.” 

Do you have any role models or inspirations in the professional golf world? “Justin Thomas is my favorite professional golfer. But he is also one who I think my game mirrors a lot… My dad because he is the one who taught me how to play because I never had a swing coach, he really just gave me my clubs and told me ‘here, do this’… he taught me to keep the game fun, and keeps me humble…I’m playing [golf] because I love it. I wouldn’t be here without that mindset.” 

What are your aspirations playing golf here at Eastern University and after school? “To become a more mature and consistent player. I’m convinced that I haven’t reached my peak yet and I know that there is still more talent I can pull out of myself… It’s pretty hard to go up from where I have come in the past but I’m hopeful from the amount of work I’ve put in that I will be able to rise to the occasion and step up. After college I’d like to play some amateur tournaments. I’d like to keep playing and to keep working and writing around golf.” 

What’s your favorite club? They’re all used in different situations but if you had to pick your favorite, what would it be? 

“8-iron. I always go with an 8-iron. It’s versatile and it seems to be my ‘any distance’ club. I find myself hitting it when I’m…in a tight spot.”

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