Hard Pill to Swallow: The Hydro Flask is the best water bottle.

There is an intense debate on how Hydroflasks are the worst water bottles in the world since the “VSCO” girls took over. VSCO girls are scrunchie obsessed girls who put stickers on everything they have, especially their Hydro Flask water bottles. Since they are considered annoying, the reputation for these water bottles has vanished. However, I believe that Hydro flasks are still the best water bottles even with this negative image surrounding them.

If you want your drink to stay cold, Hydro Flasks keep your drink cold for hours. Even if you keep it sitting in a hot car for hours, you can come back to a cold drink. I can attest to this, as I have left my water bottle in a scorching hot car while at the beach for four hours. To my surprise, the drink was still cold. Not a lot of water bottles can achieve hours of cold water.  I had a water bottle that was not a Hydro Flask sit in the car for hours and came back to a warm drink. Hydro Flasks, compared to others, show how they keep drinks warm.

Another reason they are better than others is that they have a variety of sizes and colors. There are 18 different colors in total. There are kid sized water bottles and adult ones. Each water bottle can have two different lids depending on the size and what you like. If you want a straw lid, you can buy that. If you want a water bottle you can sip, you can buy the lids without the straws. There is so much variety in what you can do with these water bottles. They also have tumbler cups and water bottles that donate to a cause. The water bottles are great and the company itself is great too. Looking at Yeti, one of Hydro Flask’s competitors, Yeti has fewer colors. They have standard colors like white, blue, black, light blue and stainless steel, but they have no fun colors. Hydro Flasks have more of an aesthetic to them which makes a nicer cup to look at when you are doing work. 

Hydroflasks also have a sleek look to them as well. They fit in just about anything. Cup holders, tote bags, backpacks and many other things. They are easy to grab and throw into a bag when you are in a rush. There is no need to worry about it spilling because they are leak proof. Whenever I am running late for classes, I can always count on my Hydro Flask to not spill all over my books or laptop. It makes it easier to sprint to class in peace and not stop in the middle to check to see if it leaked. Yetis have more of a clunky look and feel. They take up a lot of space, even if they are the smallest size. The pricing of Hydro Flasks are around the same for Yeti water bottles. When it comes down to it, a person who favors a Hydro Flask or Yeti is just paying for the name. Hydro Flasks are better because of their sleek look, colors and how they keep drinks cool.

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