Articles written by: Nicole Markert


Around the World: Jamaican Minister seeks to educate youth about the workplace.

      According to the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Shahine Robinson in Jamaica, the Electronic Labour Exchange (ELE) have been positively making an impact in the lives of young people who are seeking employment. It provides multiple resources to young people who are searching for employment […]


Seminar By The Sea: A reflection about the summer course and poetical growth.

       I have always been fascinated by the concept of stringing words together to make meaning. It is something that not only touches others, but a place deep within oneself because you can look back and say “I crafted this with my own hands, mind, spirit, and soul”. As […]


Around the World: Mexico. Citizens fight for aid one year after a destructive earthquake.

      About one year ago, Mexico was hit with a cataclysmic earthquake. Despite a considerable amount of time passing, some areas in Mexico still remain in critical condition after the impact of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake. Many families who were affected by this natural disaster are still waiting […]


Feminist Apparel CEO Scandal

      If you are familiar with feminist slogans such as “Nevertheless, she persisted”, “Femme ain’t frail” or even “Pizza rolls not gender roles”, you may be familiar with the brand Feminist Apparel that was originally based in Philadelphia, PA. However, the brand is facing a public campaign for […]


Around the World: Hawaii

      Hawaii is suffering from an onslaught of hurricanes and tropical storms. Just last month, Hawaii was hit by Hurricane Lane and over 50 inches of rain was left behind on the Big Island. Hurricane Lane was the second-wettest tropical storm on record in Hawaii surpassing hurricane Hiki […]


Around the World: US and allies strike Syria after chemical warfare attack.

     On Friday, April 13, the United States, along with Britain and France bombed Syria via air strikes. This decision came shortly after Syrian President Bashar Al Assad reportedly used chemical warfare on his own citizens outside Damascus. This action killed at least 42 adults and children. After this […]


Reflection on National Poetry Month

      Everyone has a way to channel their energy, whether it be music, art, dance, theatre, or even sports. Everyone has something that is an outlet for their passion and drive. For some people, it’s writing creatively. More specifically, sometimes it’s the wonderful art of poetry. Poetry is […]


Teachers Strike in West Virginia

I am all too familiar with the struggle that teachers face. Many people fail to realize that these individuals are nurturing the future generations. These individuals not only see students everyday and teach, but they become mentors. They not only teach students, but they manage most of the events and extracurriculars […]


The Women of The Bible: Inspiration from Biblical Women

As a woman, and as a woman growing up in the Catholic Church, I have always struggled with my faith. Even as I got older and I finished some of the sacraments such as communion and confirmation, I always looked up to the women in my life more than than […]

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Women At The Grammys

The only woman who won a televised Grammy award was Alessia Cara for Best New Artist, and even then, only ten more women won awards out of the 86 given, Which sparked an online conversation about the under representation of women within the famous music awards show. When the Grammys […]