S.A.B’s Popculture Trivia Night: Insight into a fun filled night filled with music, media and memes.

      There is no doubt that pop culture influences all of us. It can range from celebrities, music, film, and even your favorite meme. These are all elements that make up pop culture in our society. At the Student Activities Board’s Pop Culture trivia night that was held on January 18, Eastern students who attended were put to the test on how well they knew their pop culture facts.

       Attendees were allowed to form their own teams and sit at designated tables that came with a dry erase board and marker, which is where each team would write their answers to each question. The trivia was split into three rounds: music, film and media. The first round focused on music, primarily popular songs and music artists from the past few years. The second round focused on films, which included Disney and Marvel movies, popular actresses and actors, and even award show moments. The third round consisted of everything media, which includes social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and even some amazing memes.

     In total there were about 6 teams competing for fun to test their knowledge on the different areas of pop culture. Some questions were more straightforward such as what was the first Disney movie based on a person (answer: Pocahontas) and who has the most followers on Twitter (answer: Katy Perry). However some questions were a little bit more difficult to answer, such as when did the last Blockbuster store close (answer: 2010-2011) or how many movies did Marvel Studios release this year. There were a few debates going on for this question, some thought it was three while others thought it was six. An answer was a little bit hard to figure out when getting into the technicalities of which studio company releases what content. While some students that attended enjoyed the questions, some students wished that they were a little better.

        “I wish the questions were a little more diverse and there weren’t as many about Disney,” said Ruby Baker, a Senior English Writing and Literature Major.

       Overall despite the makeup of the questions, everyone seemed to have a good time testing their knowledge on pop culture. It was a fun and interactive way to start the spring semester and the new year. If this sounded interesting to you, and you would like to attend more SAB events in the future, be sure to check out the student activities calendar that can be accessed on eastern.edu for upcoming events this spring.

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