Articles written by: Nicole Markert


Advocation for a Genre: Why you should look more into Young Adult Literature.

      The Hate U Give, The Poet X, Children of the Blood and Bone, The Fault in Our Stars, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter. If you have heard of any of these titles (which I’m sure you have) you are probably familiar with Young Adult Literature. This genre […]


Potential 2020 Candidates Shake Things Up

      With the bringing in of the new year, 2020 is only right around the corner. Not only that, but 2020 is going to be a monumental year in politics where various Democrats throughout the country will throw their hat into the presidential race. Although it is only […]


S.A.B’s Popculture Trivia Night: Insight into a fun filled night filled with music, media and memes.

      There is no doubt that pop culture influences all of us. It can range from celebrities, music, film, and even your favorite meme. These are all elements that make up pop culture in our society. At the Student Activities Board’s Pop Culture trivia night that was held […]


Black Hair Panel: Inside look at the panel that discusses topics regarding Black hair.

      In Professor Gidjunis’ Postcolonial Women’s Novels class, topics regarding colonialism and postcolonialism are discussed at length. One of the novels that is read in this course is called “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith. In this book, we see how white beauty standards are perpetuated in European society. […]


Athletes Paying Tribute In The Wake of The Pittsburgh Shooting

      In our society today, we seem to be overcome by a large array of tragedies on a daily basis. Just in the past couple months alone, there have been several mass shootings on innocent people, and multiple lives have been lost. However, as human beings, we have […]


Inklings’ Annual Write-In: A look into the event that fosters community with on-campus writers

      The on-campus literary magazine, Inklings, hosted their annual write-in event that occurs every fall semester on Saturday November 3. The purpose of the event is to help prepare literary work for their magazine submission deadline in the spring of 2019. Students can submit pieces of poetry, nonfiction, […]


Separating Artists from their Art: Are We Enabling Celebrities’ Bad Behavior?

      As a country, we are without a doubt in a very politically turbulent time. It seems that this turbulence has also had a ripple effect, impacting various facets within American culture. One of the facets that has been impacted in particular is pop culture. There have various […]


Around the World: Jamaican Minister seeks to educate youth about the workplace.

      According to the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Shahine Robinson in Jamaica, the Electronic Labour Exchange (ELE) have been positively making an impact in the lives of young people who are seeking employment. It provides multiple resources to young people who are searching for employment […]


Seminar By The Sea: A reflection about the summer course and poetical growth.

       I have always been fascinated by the concept of stringing words together to make meaning. It is something that not only touches others, but a place deep within oneself because you can look back and say “I crafted this with my own hands, mind, spirit, and soul”. As […]


Around the World: Mexico. Citizens fight for aid one year after a destructive earthquake.

      About one year ago, Mexico was hit with a cataclysmic earthquake. Despite a considerable amount of time passing, some areas in Mexico still remain in critical condition after the impact of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake. Many families who were affected by this natural disaster are still waiting […]