Articles written by: Nicole Markert

Meet a zombie widow that haunts the grounds of Bates Motel. She can spook you while you attend.
Center Spread

Spooky Season is Upon Us: Check out these events nearby to join in on the fall festivities.

Mischief at the Mutter by Kay O’Keeffe The Mutter Museum will be holding its fifth annual Mischief at the Mutter night on October 31, from 6:30 p.m.  to 11:00 p.m. just in time to enjoy some creepy medical anomalies while the air is still static with Halloween energy. The event […]


Rural Gun Control: Why legislators need to consider more inclusive gun control

Ever since the tragedies of Parkland and El Paso, and the many gun violence related incidents before them, tension is mounting in America. Many people are calling for mass gun reform, especially younger people who are frustrated with lawmakers for not putting legislation for this on the forefront. According to […]

Say "Hi" to Beaker, Eastern's eagle mascot! He flew down to greet guests during homecoming.

Welcome Home, Eastern!

On Oct. 12, many Eastern alumnx, parents, and current students gathered on campus to attend Homecoming, a weekend filled with dancing, fundraising and celebrating. During the week of Oct. 6, Eastern graduates and current students gathered to celebrate the homecoming of the alumnx. To start off the festivities, the weekly […]


Christians Response to Hate Crimes: A reflection on the rise of injustice and Jussie Smollett.

      We have to face the facts—America is fueled with more hatred than ever before (even though it never really left to begin with). In 2016, a president was elected by means of perpetuating hate and ignorance not only in light of actual policy, but of people.    […]


SAB’s Coffee House: A look into the creative night with live performances of poetry and music.

      On Friday, Feb 15, The Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted another one of their famous Coffee Houses for Eastern students to enjoy after the first week back after Spring Break. Events like the Coffee House provide a carefree and relaxing environment for students who are trying to […]


Unity Week’s Painting Night: A look into the creative night held for Black History Month.

      In the month of Feb., there are multiple events that were held or are being held to celebrate Black History Month. The events ranged from panel discussions, presentations from professors and even a trivia night. However, included in the line up of the events was a Unity […]


Advocation for a Genre: Why you should look more into Young Adult Literature.

      The Hate U Give, The Poet X, Children of the Blood and Bone, The Fault in Our Stars, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter. If you have heard of any of these titles (which I’m sure you have) you are probably familiar with Young Adult Literature. This genre […]


Potential 2020 Candidates Shake Things Up

      With the bringing in of the new year, 2020 is only right around the corner. Not only that, but 2020 is going to be a monumental year in politics where various Democrats throughout the country will throw their hat into the presidential race. Although it is only […]


S.A.B’s Popculture Trivia Night: Insight into a fun filled night filled with music, media and memes.

      There is no doubt that pop culture influences all of us. It can range from celebrities, music, film, and even your favorite meme. These are all elements that make up pop culture in our society. At the Student Activities Board’s Pop Culture trivia night that was held […]


Black Hair Panel: Inside look at the panel that discusses topics regarding Black hair.

      In Professor Gidjunis’ Postcolonial Women’s Novels class, topics regarding colonialism and postcolonialism are discussed at length. One of the novels that is read in this course is called “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith. In this book, we see how white beauty standards are perpetuated in European society. […]