Articles written by: Nicole Markert


The 2021 Budget: A look into how government funds are going to be divided up this upcoming year.

With another year quickly approaching, the White House unveiled President Trump’s budget for the fiscal year 2021. This budget is a record $4.75 trillion.There are multiple cuts to many initiatives as well as increased funding to a few areas. The proposed plan includes $2 trillion in cuts to safety net […]


New Adult and the Literary World: Why this genre is important and why you should care

If you walk into any Barnes and Noble, or preferably, an independently owned bookstore, you might be surprised to see that if you take a close look there might be a book on display among the hundreds that are there already. You might look inside a shiny, new and embossed […]


Eating a Balanced Diet as a College Student

I am not the most healthiest of eaters. When I’m stressed, I have a tendency to binge on my favorite guilty pleasure snacks: kettle cooked chips, popcorn, or cup noodles. However despite my lack of will power, I have tried as a college student to be mindful of what I […]

Though staying informed is important for political and social awareness, it can be challenging to have moderation in our media consumption in everyday life.

Staying Healthy and Woke: How to protect mental health while exposed to a negative news cycle.

Receiving news has changed immensely within the past decade. News used to be more accessible through physical mediums such as newspapers, magazines or television, allowing people to somewhat regulate how much news they can consume. Now, the world is under a 24 hours news cycle where you can see what’s […]

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Celebrating Black History Month

#BLACKLIVESMATTER: The importance of Black Lives Matter and how they honor the lives of the victims, seek justice for them, their families, and the Black community, as a whole. Trayvon Martin. Mya Hall. Mike Brown. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. Walter Scott. These are the names that Black Lives Matter (BLM) members […]


Top 5 Albums On Billboard’s Top 100: A look into the popular music of the moment.

If you are interested in discovering some new and popular music, check out these top five albums on the Billboard 200 albums chart! Currently, these are the albums that are performing the best in terms of streams, physical sales and digital sales. The albums listed below are representative for the […]

Eastern is offering a wide variety of classes to take in the spring, sure to suit the interests of each student.
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Check out These Classes Being Offered in the Upcoming Semester.

Faith and Politics:  This spring semester class is for students interested in social change. Although Spring semester registration has come and gone, many students are left looking for classes to fulfill credit needs or major/minor requirements as classes are often in flux semester to semester. One of the most exciting […]

Meet a zombie widow that haunts the grounds of Bates Motel. She can spook you while you attend.
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Spooky Season is Upon Us: Check out these events nearby to join in on the fall festivities.

Mischief at the Mutter by Kay O’Keeffe The Mutter Museum will be holding its fifth annual Mischief at the Mutter night on October 31, from 6:30 p.m.  to 11:00 p.m. just in time to enjoy some creepy medical anomalies while the air is still static with Halloween energy. The event […]


Rural Gun Control: Why legislators need to consider more inclusive gun control

Ever since the tragedies of Parkland and El Paso, and the many gun violence related incidents before them, tension is mounting in America. Many people are calling for mass gun reform, especially younger people who are frustrated with lawmakers for not putting legislation for this on the forefront. According to […]

Say "Hi" to Beaker, Eastern's eagle mascot! He flew down to greet guests during homecoming.

Welcome Home, Eastern!

On Oct. 12, many Eastern alumnx, parents, and current students gathered on campus to attend Homecoming, a weekend filled with dancing, fundraising and celebrating. During the week of Oct. 6, Eastern graduates and current students gathered to celebrate the homecoming of the alumnx. To start off the festivities, the weekly […]