Articles written by: Nicole Markert

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Inside the Oscars: The Top Best Film Nominees

Shape of Water Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” is a masterfully directed film with passionate performances, impactful story aspects, and an encapsulating visual and musical design. Three actors play Guillermo del Toro’s main type of character, the marginal and invisible. Sally Hawkins stars as the intrepid Elisa, a […]


Eastern ranked in top for CSP

Eastern has been ranked among the 25 best colleges for students with Autism. Placing at 21, the ranking comes from College Choice, which is a provider of college and university rankings and resources. College Choice noted Eastern’s effort to effectively bring education to all of their students. “The cornerstone of […]


Time’s Up at the Golden Globes

      The famous Golden Globes were hosted Sunday, Jan. 7, and although there were a lot of films to talk about, they were almost overshadowed by the fact that powerful women in Hollywood used this award show as a platform to their advantage. America Ferrera, Reese Witherspoon, and […]


Around the World: Florida Spacecraft launches to unknown destination

      Sunday Jan. 7, the SpaceX program began the new year by launching a rocket. During the webcast of the launch, it seemed as if every aspect had gone successfully. The second stage of the rocket seemed to head toward orbit, and in the process the booster safety […]


Eastern Alumna & Published Poet Visits Campus

For as long as I can remember, I felt like I was born on this earth for one reason: to write. When I was little, one of my elementary school teachers handed out an activity where we had to draw a picture of ourselves, as well answer the accompanying questions. […]


Dr.William Storm Presents on “The Wife of Bath”

When people think of a 400-year-old text, not many people would think that it connects to a modern day dilemma such as sexual assaults on college campuses. However, Dr. William Storm, an Eastern English professor, makes just that connection. In a paper Dr. Storm is presenting to the New Chaucer […]


All Around The World: Iraqi border

Last month, a powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.3 struck at 21:18 local time near the Iraqi border, killing more than 500 people and injuring thousands, making this the world’s deadliest earthquake so far this year. The quake was so intense that it could be felt as far […]


Eastern Welcomes New Pastpass

      Starting in the fall of 2018, Eastern University is introducing a brand new program called the EU FastPass. This program will hopefully save students time, money, and stress. To put it simply, residential students in traditional undergraduate programs will be able to receive two tuition-free, online summer […]

To Mend What Is Broken

To Mend What Is Broken

      A shockwave was sent to the rest of the world when Harvey Weinstein, who made himself popular as a notable director, became known as something completely different in Hollywood. In Hollywood, Weinstein was depressingly interconnected with actresses through sexual assault and coerced situations.  So far, over fifty women […]


Students “Akwaaba” and Celebrate African Culture; Black Student League and Heart of Africa collaborate to spread cultural awareness.

      On Oct. 27, The Black Student League and Heart of Africa came together in an amazing collaboration to spread African culture through the Akwaaba Festival. Akwaaba is a word that translates to “welcome.” It is a Twi word, spoken by the Ahan tribe of Ghana.  Everyone gathered […]