SAB’s Coffee House: A look into the creative night with live performances of poetry and music.

      On Friday, Feb 15, The Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted another one of their famous Coffee Houses for Eastern students to enjoy after the first week back after Spring Break. Events like the Coffee House provide a carefree and relaxing environment for students who are trying to unwind after a hectic week of classes, homework and campus life.

      The event started at 7 p.m. in the Jammin’ Java, and SAB provided refreshments, such as water and cookies for attendees to enjoy while watching the show. However, despite being dubbed a Coffee House, there was sadly no coffee to be found. The stage, equipped with everything needed to accomodate performers, was decorated with red curtains and string lights.

      The tables were also adorned with little teacup lights and plant decorations to create an aesthetic experience. In total, thirteen Eastern students decided to showcase their various talents, which made for an amazing and fun filled night.

      The performances consisted primarily of poetry, singing, and instrumentals. Sarah Sweitzer, a Music major, opened up the show. Sweitzer performed a cover of two songs, and then sang one original song titled “Outside Your Window.” While she was singing, she also skillfully played guitar, making her a stand out opening performer.

      Following her, Mariella Distefano, showed her talent with piano and guitar playing. Distefano also engaged with the crowd, telling attendees she was starting with a slow song with a more hopeful tone at the end. She also covered a classic favorite by Ecosmith titled “Bright.” As she sang, one look around the room and anyone could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves and immersed in her performance as students sang along and bobbed their heads to her melodic singing.

      There were also a couple people who performed poetry, such as Cait Wooten and Sashaine Clark. Wooten was the first poetry performance of the night, she performed three original poems. Clark performed two original poems and followed them with a powerful and moving performance of Andrea Day’s “Rise Up.”

      There was also one refreshing rap performance by Allen Mitchell, with a chorus sung by El-Fatih Chase. Mitchell explained that the original song was inspired for his love for Jesus. At his confession, the audience hooted in support, as one would expect from a Christian community such as Eastern. Chase also performed a solo song.

      Another memorable performance was Morgan Leavy and Rainey Backues. Leavy, who has been featured in The Waltonian before for her active involvement in Eastern’s drama community, performed “Smoke Signals” by Phoebe Bridgers, an indie artist. Backues accompanied her with electric guitar, and also followed her performance with a solo performance. The Coffee House as a whole featured mainly singers and instrument players. There were several other performers who also performed throughout the night, showcasing their talents.

      Toward the night’s end, Shawna Bratton, a member of SAB, concluded the event by singing an acapella of “Ordinary People” by John Legend, and “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. Before she started she asked the crowd to sing happy birthday to one of her fellow SAB members, Colton Domblesky. Of course, the crowd cheerfully sang for him.

      As Bratton began her performance, it was cut off by her shock to the raging storm outside, which threw her off. She expressed her surprise to the audience, and they laughed, helping to end the night on a more carefree note. Overall, the event was a success, showcasing not only the talent that lives at Eastern, but the care-free, kind and easy going community that we all know and love.

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