Articles written by: Cait Wooten

Meet a zombie widow that haunts the grounds of Bates Motel. She can spook you while you attend.
Center Spread

Spooky Season is Upon Us: Check out these events nearby to join in on the fall festivities.

Mischief at the Mutter by Kay O’Keeffe The Mutter Museum will be holding its fifth annual Mischief at the Mutter night on October 31, from 6:30 p.m.  to 11:00 p.m. just in time to enjoy some creepy medical anomalies while the air is still static with Halloween energy. The event […]


The Arts and Wayne: Delving into the various artistic platforms our lovely township offers.

It’s no secret that Philadelphia offers much by way of the Arts. But as broke college students, it can  be intimidating to buy a ticket for the train into the city and back on top of a ticket for whatever attraction we are going to see. Thus, we crave Arts […]


People of Eastern: A music major shares about his time at Eastern and what comes next.

Christian Knaub is a senior music major here at Eastern University. He chose music because it is the thing in the world that he is most passionate about. He says that anytime he thought about doing anything else, he just kept returning to music. Knaub is a transfer student who […]


Club Highlight: Audacity

      Eastern prides itself on being a community of acceptance, where everyone can find their niche. This is true even among their many clubs. Audacity is a spoken word club that meets on Thursday nights at 7:30PM  in Howard Center Room 105. Spoken word, by definition, is poetry […]


Balancing Selfcare and Compassion for Others

      Society today is obsessed with the idea of ‘self-care.’ Mental health awareness is on the rise and everyone wants to learn how to better take care of themselves. To me, this has been a relief. I am not the best at recognizing when I need to take […]


Windows on the World: A look at how Eastern’s motto changed Garlock’s life.

      On Friday September 28, David Garlock who is a former student of Eastern came to speak at the Windows on the World event. His speech centered around his life story framed through the University’s motto of “Faith, Reason, and Justice.” He began with how this motto interacted […]


Mental Health and Spirituality: Why Therapy and Prayer are Equally Important

      Growing up as a Christian can mean a lot of things, mostly good things. You grow up—in most cases—in a family that cares about you, that teaches you right from wrong and that makes the Bible the focus of family life. Growing up as a missionary kid […]