Author: Cait Wooten


Book Highlight: Six of Crows

Growing up, I was never allowed to watch anything with magic in it because of our church’s beliefs. Fantasy was ‘witchcraft’ and a sin. So no Disney princesses, no Narnia, and no Harry Potter. Imagine my surprise when my family left this church and I was suddenly allowed into a […]


An Open Letter to My Roommate

To my unexpected blessing: Under different circumstances, we may not have ever even met. We have different interests and completely different class schedules. Left to fate, our paths probably would not have crossed. But thankfully, our lives aren’t left up to fate. God knew I would need you. He knew […]


Remembering Self Care in the New Semester

As the semester gets underway, every student slowly gets more stressed. No matter your year or major, at some point in the semester, you will start to feel the stress of assignments, personal life, relationships and everything else going on in life. What is avoidable, however, is the way you […]


New Year’s Resolutions Without Expectations

Every year, around Jan. 1, thousands of various New Year’s resolutions flood our time lines and lives. Some people make a ton and keep none. Some make one or two and keep them faithfully all year. Some vehemently abhor them. Whatever your stance on resolutions, we all know the fundamental […]


The Importance of Introducing Boundaries into Personal Relations: Respecting others’ boundaries and drawing your own requires introspection.

Relationships are a complicated and tricky thing. It’s our human desire to crave closeness with another person— whether that’s a significant other or simply a kindred spirit. Come too close, however, and the relationship can be smothered. Boundaries are what allow a relationship to breathe. In my own life I’ve […]


Being Thankful in the Chaos

Thanksgiving. That time of the year between Halloween and Christmas that can often get forgotten in the rush to buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday. But Thanksgiving is important– especially for Christians. Christ calls us to live in a state of thanksgiving, not just on the holiday, but it is […]