The Arts & Wayne: Delving into the various artistic platforms our lovely township offers.

It’s no secret that Philadelphia offers much by way of the Arts. But as broke college students, it can  be intimidating to buy a ticket for the train into the city and back on top of a ticket for whatever attraction we are going to see. Thus, we crave Arts closer to home. Home being Wayne. Lucky for us, Wayne is host to a number of artistic venues seldom talked about. For instance, the Wayne Art Center. The Wayne Art Center, located on Maplewood Avenue, is home to a number of artistic ventures ranging even into the culinary arts.

First off, Wayne Arts has a vast education program. Members of the Wayne Art Center have access to art education classes in almost every field. Adults can relax with painting or cooking or even sculpture making, while children and young adults can dip their hands into studio work and summer art camp. Private lessons are also an option. However, Wayne Art is also interested in giving back. According to their website, “Offering art instruction to those with underserved or special needs–no matter their age, abilities or financial status–is a key part of Wayne Art Center’s outreach mission. Our outreach programs allow us to form partnerships with schools, groups, and special needs populations in order to provide arts enrichment activities, field-trip opportunities, and increase access to the arts.” Therefore, they have specific classes offered for those who fall into this category.

Yet, education is not the Wayne Art’s only purpose. They also provide exhibitions for all. These exhibitions range from art created by students at the center to exhibitions focused on specific local artists. Every year, they do a “CraftForum” around Christmas-time. This started out as a tiny craft competition but has grown into something that is now internationally acclaimed. Artists from around the world display and sell their work each year right here in Wayne. This year, the forum hosts 89 works from 92 artists. 2019 will be the 25th anniversary of this exhibit. Alongside the Craft exhibit, the Center will be hosting Westward Ho! which, according to their website, is a “look at contemporary craft from the Southwest.” These exhibits open Dec. 7 and run through Feb. 1, 2020.

Of course, Wayne Art Center is not the only artistic venture in Wayne. For those who wish to try their own hand at art, but maybe in less of a formal setting, Wayne offers Painting With a Twist. Painting with a Twist is a BYOB studio that offers all the materials needed for a class- you just need to bring yourself and some friends. Don’t let that BYOB fool you. Not all of the classes are alcoholic in their twist. In fact, many of the classes are all ages classes. Each class is hosted by a local artist who will guide you through the process of painting a masterpiece for the evening. Prices for classes can vary depending on the materials needed, but the average is around $27. And before you start screaming in college-student-broke, I may remind you that this around $30 covers all of the supplies necessary for the evening as well as the cost of the teacher. So, really, it’s a steal.

Creativity is the expression of the soul. Plus, it helps to relieve stress. Essentially, it’s essential for college students to engage in some sort of creative expression. Otherwise we just might blow during finals. Wayne Art Center and Painting With a Twist both offer unique opportunities for even the most unskilled artist to try their hand.

Source: Wayne Art Center, Painting With a Twist, CraftForums

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