Author: Andrew Barbin


Seattle Repeat or Brady’s Fourth?

It’s that time of year again. For most sports fans across the country, Super Bowl weekend is one of the most heavily anticipated weekends in sports. As a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan though, it is becoming routine to a depressing tee. Just yet another season we will be devoid of […]


Should There Be a DH in Baseball?

For years, baseball fans have been arguing over the use of designated hitters in baseball. [twocol_one]Be Responsible, Designate A Hitter Andrew Barbin Hitting in the DH spot is an opportunity for baseball players who are more one-dimensional to have more of an active spot on a roster besides pinch-hitting. All […]

Center Spread

Eastern’s Top 5 Silliest Clubs

        Alright, so you may have already noticed that Eastern is not exactly your average Christian school in east Pennsylvania.  So naturally, you may have noticed that we do in fact have a LARP (live action role play) club as well as a “Humans Vs Zombies” organization here on campus, but […]


Team USA: Who’s Bringing Home Gold?

With the Winter Olympics upon us, here’s an overview of the United States’ competing athletes with a superior chance at bringing glory to their country this winter. Shani Davis and J.R. Celski: With Apolo Ohno out of the speed skating spotlight, the typically reserved and obscure Davis is now the […]


Night of the Living Trans Fats!

What?  The government is telling me what to eat again!  Mayor Bloomberg, take off the mask, we know you’re in there!  I will never be able to eat bacon, coffee cakes, or anything lathered in delicious trans fat ever again.  Thanks [Michelle] Obama, now the cake really is a lie […]