NFL Midseason Report

So, this is what it is like to be a traditional Philly sports fan.  I probably should have heeded my parents and grandparents warnings: that our stretch of championship caliber teams would eventually recess into the cellar-dwellers they have come to love and detest, but mostly detest.  Looking back at history, we, the newer generation of Philly fans, were truly spoiled by our recent runs.  The cries of “fire Andy!” are now answered by shouts of “thanks Philly!” in Kansas City, as our former long-tenured (and immensely successful) coach is now leading the only undefeated team in the league (while looking like a giant tomato in that red windbreaker).  Now we get to enjoy Chip Kelly and his radical new game plan that seemingly only has success against teams who had yet to win a game (Well, Nick Foles got me excited last Sunday, I will admit that at least).  So here we are, the mighty Philadelphia Eagles (4-5, 2nd in the NFC East), playing in the division that has become the laughing stock of the NFL, amazingly right behind the division leading Cowboys (5-4) despite having the worst defense in the league.

The other Pennsylvania team is not doing so hot either.  In dead last in the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) are fielding the sixth worst offense in the league and will have a very difficult time catching the division leading Cincinnati Bengals (6-3).  Being an Antonio Brown owner in fantasy football, I can sort of relate to the frustrations of Steelers fans.  What is more frustrating than watching your favorite team go 3 and out on virtually every drive?  Ben Roethlisberger is nearing the end of his career, as his past injuries have obviously taken a toll on his body.  With the exception of the speedy Antonio Brown, there are no weapons on this offense, and as good as the defense is in the Steel City, I honestly cannot see the Steelers breaking out the “Terrible Towels” this winter.

Meanwhile, the rest of the NFL has seen quite the season so far.  We knew Peyton Manning was good, but 29 touchdowns in only 8 games?  Manning is putting up Madden numbers, but is it safe to say that he will not continue this pace?  With a loss to his successor Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, as well as three interceptions and a fumble in his last game, I predict that Manning will slow down, once they start playing better teams.  I do think he will finish the season with over 50 touchdowns though and break Tom Brady’s record, but for him to beat Drew Brees’ passing yards record will be a stretch, but he is definitely on pace to crush it.


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  1. I liked this article! I was in your seat not to long ago. I was one of very few ‘Guys’ on the Waltonian. I am just coming off “Sports: Burn-out” I like the way this NFL season is going.

    Go Birds!