2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Opinion and Reflection on Pre-Olympics Predictions

As you all probably know, I gave a little insight in my preview of the 2014 Olympics a few issues ago.  And personally, I had high hopes for our men and women in red, white, and blue.  However, for yet another Winter Olympics, America played second fiddle to the host country.  In fact, it wasn’t even close, as Russia had five more medals than we did.  We weren’t even top 3 in gold medals.  It was disappointing, considering we won the medal count in Vancouver (despite getting crushed in the gold medal race).  So what can we take away from this performance from the greatest country on earth?

First off, as disappointing as the American effort was in Russia, I must say that this is why I enjoy the Winter Olympics.  Granted, as a patriot, I love the epic dominance America has over the world in the Summer Olympics.  However, I think it is awesome that the world is catching up to us to the point where we are the underdogs.  Like “The Miracle on Ice”, there is a much greater sense of accomplishment when we win an event.  Nevertheless, there is nothing more chilling than hearing the national anthem resounding in a Russian stadium with our flag raised above the others.

I think we will see a changing of the guard come 2018.  Seriously, it’s time for some of our “decorated” athletes to hang up the skis and skates.  Shani Davis and Bode Miller proved to the world that their time has passed, and that its time to retire.  And what’s up with Shaun White?  Who on earth withdraws from the Olympics?  I’m sure there are thousands of more talented and deserving snowboarders who would kill to be in his spot.  He is not bigger than the sport and will be soon forgotten by 2018.  I don’t know why I feel so spiteful, I just do.  I know that I would play through a broken leg to be in the Olympics, but that’s just me.  Also, the only thing more pathetic than the male figure skating finals choke off for gold was the American’s performance.  That guy who did the river dance routine was horrid.  And all Ashley Wagner was good for was inspiring a reaction face meme.

What I am most upset about is how close we were to winning gold in the premier sport of the Olympics—ice hockey.  The U.S. women had gold in their hands.  It would’ve been over if that empty netter didn’t hit the post.  And the men, wow.  Incredible defensive game all around, but they really could not get one goal past Carey Price despite a slew of power plays?  Great games with disappointing results.  Team USA has the best chance out of any sport next Olympics in hockey due to how young the team was this year.

Okay, so I’m obviously disappointed.  But at least I can sleep easy knowing that our summer teams will avenge us.  After all, what other country boasts 2400 medals all time?

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