V for Vendetta

In V for Vendetta, the Wachowski brothers – makers of the Matrix trilogy – create a new dystopia with a new set of heroes to overthrow a new evil and controlling government. This time, however, the setting is just a few years down the road, and the evil leaders are the humans who are already today in the political ascendancy. Essentially, the makers have imagined a version of today’s American right wing coming to power in Britain and everything falling apart.

In theme and intention, the movie is utterly predictable. It is afflicted with just about every one of the modern left’s most hysterical worries: government-sponsored domestic terrorism, pedophilic priests, the outlawing of homosexuality and evil conservative pundits addicted to prescription drugs.

There is good stuff in this movie (besides Natalie Portman, the lead actress). Visually, the dominating colors red and black are cool; also, V (Hugo Weaving) has some excellent fight scenes, and big buildings blow up. Otherwise, there’s no reason to waste your $10.

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