Equality Ride: What the People Think

These quotes were gathered from a random group of Eastern students by staff writers Nick Agazarian and Amanda Gagnon to represent the range of opinions Eastern students hold about the upcoming Equality Ride visit.

“I will probably disagree with a lot of their views, but I’m interested in hearing what they have to say as fellow Christians. When people come onto campus with more extreme views, it’s good, because it kind of stretches us.” senior Nate Orlowski

“I think it’s a good decision. It raises awareness and allows us to stay open to the truths about sexuality in the Christian community. It is a great informative tool to help strengthen our awareness.” senior Tremonisha Martin

“I think it shows that we are able to see people as God’s creation even though they may be different. The only way you can change a person is by building a relationship with them, and you can’t do that unless there is a form of acceptance of that person.” senior Michelle Lunetta

“I would support the Equality Ride only if they were coming to get free of homosexuality. My Bible says that it is a sin to commit such acts. I don’t condone it, but I am not judgmental toward the person; I more want to attack the spirit behind it.”sophomore Chase Waters

“I don’t believe that the lifestyle is anything other than a choice. We may be driven to things; you never know what pushes someone to do something, but there’s always a line that has to be crossed. I don’t really want them to come here and be accepted.” junior Chris Funari

“I’m happy that they are coming, because I think this is an issue that Eastern students are going to have to face when they get out in the real world.” sophomore Kristen Felix

“It is an opportunity for people here to show hospitality. Even if they don’t believe what we believe, they should still be treated with respect. We can get a better understanding of what people are going through and then we will be able to be a better witness to them.” sophomore April Washington

“First, it’s a free country, and second, in order for us as Christians to reform the world, we need to understand it from different points of view, from outside the bubble.” sophomore Madeline Suozzo

“I really don’t see a big problem with it, as long as it’s done in a respectful way. The thing I’m concerned with is someone from Eastern acting out and doing something stupid that would not represent who we should be.” sophomore Edwin Robinson

“We should love, but we don’t have to say it’s OK. Christ should be our example. God is the ultimate judge. I also feel as though the student body should have had more of a say about the group coming to the campus.” sophomore Marvin Jones

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