Undergraduate nursing off to good start

Toward the end of the 2009 spring semester, news spread throughout campus that two new majors would be available for students: nursing and engineering.

So far, these plans are only partially underway: While students can easily sign up for and take nursing classes, there are no engineering classes available on Eastern’s campus.

Mathematics department chair Walter Huddell explained that Eastern does not offer a course of study for engineering, but rather a dual enrollment program with Villanova University.

“We simply provide the mathematics and science background, along with the liberal arts core, all within a faith-based framework,” Huddell said. “All of the engineering work occurs at Villanova.”

There are currently no students enrolled in the engineering program.

The new nursing program is led by department chair Mary Anne Peters. According to Peters, nursing was a welcome addition with 18 first-years expressing interest in the pre-licensure program. These same students are currently enrolled in her INST150 class.
“I was not originally coming for nursing,” first-year Kyle Engelbart said. His original intention was to study physical therapy, but then he found out about the nursing program.

After learning more about the program and realizing that the two were very similar, Engelbart prayed about it and made the decision to study nursing.

Like Engelbart, first-year Tristyn Roe did not come with the intention of studying nursing. However, after being informed about the program, she found that she really loves the idea. “I would declare right now,” she said, right after the INST150 class let out.

During their senior year, nursing students will have the chance to encounter real-world nursing experiences through mission opportunities.

Peters believes that nursing is a perfect fit for the curriculum. “I believe that nursing is completely congruent with the vision and mission of Eastern University,” she said. “Nurses serve in so many ways.”

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