Letter to the Editor

 Dear Friends at the Waltonian,
I would like you to print a correction in relationship to your article by Rebecca Coppola regarding the debate carried on by my wife and me. I felt that there were several inaccuracies. First of all, my argument was not similar to my wife’s. She affirms same-sex marriages, I do not. I made the point that my position was on an interpretation of Scripture that I believe is in harmony with church tradition, and specifically with that which the church fathers in the early church made very clear. My wife disagrees with me on this and upholds gay marriage. 
Secondly, I made it very clear that nobody knows what creates a homosexual orientation. In the article, it was cited that we both believed that this was a biological predisposition. Neither of us said that. The implications of this statement that was in the Waltonian had far-reaching consequences.
As a public figure, I am regularly under attack for my views, and it is very important that my views be stated accurately in publications. Already, critics are using what you said that I said against me. I don’t mind being criticized when criticisms are justified based on accurate statements. Please make the corrections for my sake.
Tony Campolo

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