Email server issue still unresolved

After more than four weeks of troubleshooting, administrative computing is baffled by the ongoing e-mail server issues.

The same goes for Communigate software and Hewlett-Packard hardware technicians.

“We’ve run (the server) for four years without incident,” Mike Sanker of Academic Computing said. “This is the first major repair problem we’ve had.

“We took the issue to (Communigate’s) lead development team and they can’t figure out what’s going on.”  

A professional from HP came last week to work on the hardware and said he never had this particular system go bad.

The server began acting up during Labor Day weekend, shutting down for about six hours at one point.

Since then, Sanker said administrative computing has followed every reccomendation offered and is continuing to test or replace every function of the system.

In some cases, Sanker said they have “literally done too much and made it worse.”
While the solution to the problem is still unknown, Sanker said there is another school having a similar problem.

Sanker believes that no e-mails have been lost due to the server problems, just delayed or never properly sent.

In addition, viruses are not the cause, but they do delay the process of fixing the server.
“We know it’s a problem,” Sanker said. “I’m really sorry. We’re doing everything we can. There is no magical cure.

“I’ve gotten at least 10 pages a day for the past four weeks,” he said holding his pager. “When the day comes that this thing stops buzzing, I’ll believe it’s fixed.”

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