The Waltonian Guide to…

Online shopping. The thrill of adding to your goods without maneuvering your way around a crowded mall. That is my type of shopping! Three easy, yet important, steps to mastering online shopping exist. These helpful hints may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how easily they are ignored or forgotten.

1. Research your products

Read the provided item descriptions in order to make sure you have the right item. Many untrustworthy sites exist on the internet, which is why it is crucial to keep your guard up when it comes to providing your personal information to make a purchase. Doing your research also helps to form a base retail price so you can spend the least amount of money. Using the shopping tab on the Google site brings up the item and all the places where it is being sold online so you can find the lowest price listing.

2. Find coupon codes

You can find coupons for almost anything! All you have to do is type the particular site name into Google and an assortment of results will pop up. Simple as that. You can also download coupon apps on your phone such as RetailMeNot and GeoQpons. Both apps are simple to use and offer great savings.

3. Confirm that the site is secure

Sadly, today’s society is full of scams. Before you go transmitting your credit card number, question the site’s security. One way to check the site’s safety is to read the merchant’s policies and terms and conditions. The return policy is key. Merchants who charge to restock or don’t cover returns is a red flag. Online shopping can be difficult when attempting to choose the correct size and style, be reassured that if a return is necessary, the merchant is willing to do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer. If a customer service hotline or email address is not provided, RUN AWAY! Chances are, something in your order will go wrong and you will have no way of setting the issue right.There is no such thing as being too careful.
The ease of online shopping can have a reverse effect if the above steps are neglected. Make the most of your shopping trip online by making the safety of your personal information number one on the priority list. Use as many coupons as you can, because who doesn’t like to save a few bucks to put towards their next purchase?

Happy Online Shopping!

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