The Waltonian Guide to…

Having post-spring break blues? That’s natural, especially when the only break left between now and the end of the semester is Easter. Of course, we will take any kind of day off, even if it is only two. However, it will leave us wanting and wishing for summer! Our energy and willpower to do anymore work is leaking out of us like a sieve. How can we stay motivated these last few weeks? Here are a couple ways to keep chuggin’ along:

1. Pace yourself: Rome was not built in a day. You do not have to get everything done immediately, in fact that will probably stress you out more if you do. Instead, figure out when all your assignments are due and make a schedule based on when you can work on them. This will also help you stay organized.

2. Take breaks: When you are feeling like you just cannot take anymore studying, stop and find something fun to do. Whether you go watch a sports game or simply read a book, do something you like that will relax or energize you. You will feel refreshed and you can tackle your assignments once again.

3. Think of summer: Yes, it is okay to think of summer. Let it be your motivation to get you through the rest of the semester. Imagine the kinds of things you want to do, like planning a day at the beach or all the sleep you want to regain. But do not daydream all day, otherwise you will never get anything done!

4. Hang out with your friends: The semester’s end is quickly approaching and some of us will not be seeing each other for quite a while. Take the time to see each other and hang out together, even if it is just studying. Our friends are here to help us, and although we feel unmotivated, we can try to become motivated together.

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