Biblical Rollercoaster

Life’s Hard…..
But most days I’m able
Other days, I’m Cain….
Just want to keep life stable
Sometimes I go insane.
Still finding where to go
Doing what I think’s right, Abednego
Skeptical thinking is all I know
Conformity, that’s all I show
I must have left my slingshot home
I’m yet to bring this giant down…
I guess that means I have no throne…
I have no love…
I wear no crown…
But yet I’ve found
Something that I use my faith to know is real
It’s deep within myself….
And when it does appear
I have more strength than Samson
It’s beautiful, like leaves in autumn
My life is full of chances…
Just have to get out of Sodom
Just speaking metaphorically
Don’t want to cause a spark
But no matter what…..
When the rain starts pouring
I’ll have my place on the ark

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