Superchick bring “Your Anthem” to gymnasium

Guitars were tuned, microphones plugged in and drums set. This was the scene as the Christian punk rock band Superchick performed in the gym on March 18.

The concert was part of Superchick’s “This is Your Anthem” tour, promoting their new album, Beauty from Pain. Seventh Day Slumber and Eleventy Seven joined Superchick on the tour, which has spanned the past two months with over 40 shows.

Attendance for the night numbered between 400 and 500 people. Younger high school students were a majority in the crowd.

The concert began at 6 p.m. with Eleventy Seven opening the show. The young three-member band, whose slogan is “Overrated Punk Rock,” played several songs and concluded with a punk rock version of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.”

Following a short intermission and stage change, Seventh Day Slumber took the stage. Their punk-style songs rocked the stage, and the vibrations of their music shook the walls.

Their most touching song was about a divorced mother-in-law. Even more touching was lead singer Joseph Rojas’ compelling testimony.

Rojas shared how he was a former drug addict and suffered from depression. He encouraged the audience members to find their strength in God and God alone.

“The only reason we’re on this stage is because we believe in a living God who wants to put broken people back together,” Rojas said.

Many crowd members were pleased with Slumber.

“I loved it. It was awesome. I like Seventh Day Slumber because they have a harder edge, but they still have a nice, gentle soul,” senior Eric Dorville said.

After Slumber left the stage, another intermission took place, as light setting changes and stage adjustments were made. The lights finally went back down, and Superchick began their performance.

The first several songs were loud with strobe lights flashing all across the gym. Lead singer Tricia Brock called the song “Pure” a “good dancing song.”

Superchick’s style consists of punk-rock riffs, hip-hop beats and R&B melodies.

As the concert continued, the songs portrayed the theme of broken romantic relationships, which all of the band members have been struggling with in real life.

The most somber song of the night was “Beauty from Pain,” their new album’s title track, which received praise from the crowd.

“‘Beauty from Pain’ was wonderful. I really felt that Tricia felt everything that she was singing about, and the song was very worshipful,” high school student AJ Luca said.

After the concert, the bands remained in the recreation gym. A line of students waiting to get autographs stretched as long as the building.

According to Mike Dziedziak, assistant director of undergraduate admissions, the event went very well.

“[The concert] was worth it. I think the crowd enjoyed the show. Most importantly, I think the folks from Creation Concerts plan on coming back in the fall with another show,” Dziedziak said.

A few members of Superchick also expressed their satisfaction with the concert and playing at Eastern.

“It is beautiful here. I went shopping this morning at a huge mall, and the crowd was good and really receptive and allowed for good interaction,” vocalist and guitarist Melissa Brock said.

“It was fantastic, and there were so many people. The crowd was really enthusiastic and into the show, and that is why I am in music,” bass player Matt Dally said.

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