Player Profile: Cross country runner Mary Fitch

Looking at Mary Fitch run, you can’t help but notice her competitive style. Little would you know Mary has a special place in her heart for helping children.

“I really want to work with children with eating disorders,” Mary said. “That is what I want to do right now, but it’s wherever God leads me to.”

The senior runner has excelled in her studies and looks to graduate a year earlier than expected. Mary hopes to attend graduate school next year in California to study clinical psychology.

Mary has been active in sports for years but cross country has not always been her main sport.

“I ran a little in high school, but it wasn’t my big sport,” she said. “I did cheerleading and swimming. I did a little bit of everything.”

Ever since Mary starting running for Eastern, she hasn’t looked back. “I think this is the best sports team I have ever been on,” Mary said. “It is nice to be involved on a team that is about being in shape. It is about seeing what you can do and being healthy.”

Her cross country experience has been about more than just running, as her faith has grown quite a bit.

“Last year was a stressful year for me, so running was sort of a de-stresser,” Mary said. “When I would go to practice, it was when I could forget every stressful thing that happened. It is actually my time with God when I can focus and listen to Him. I think running is God’s gift to me.”

Mary enjoys her time with her running mates. “I really just enjoy this team,” she said. “We all encourage each other and want to see growth in each other. It is exciting to watch your team members achieve their goals, as well as achieve your own.”

Mary is enjoying her last year as much as she can and will greatly miss running when she graduates.

“When you are outside running, it is beautiful,” she said. “You realize how much God has given us. You can hear the birds singing, and you can see all the flowers. Sometimes you forget all that in the hurry of life.”

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