PowderPuff football gets a running start

Once again, PowderPuff season has arrived, and everyone involved is excited. Since the season-opening games on Sept. 21, PowderPuff has taken over Olson field on Sunday afternoons.

Launched three years ago, PowderPuff is a flag football league, completely comprised of female players. This year, the teams consist of Gallup and Hainer (aka Gainer), Kea-Guffin, Eagle, Sparrowk and a combined team from Gough, Doane and commuters.

But do not overlook the drive of any of these girls. They are sure to provide an exciting game full of camaraderie and good sportsmanship – as well as some big plays.

Sophomore Joe Ferry, a coach for Sparrowk said, “PowderPuff defiantly breaks all the stereotypes because you underestimate what these girls can really do, but they always do well.”

One team in particular, Kea-Guffin, has done especially well, claiming the Super Bowl title the past two years.

When asked if she felt additional pressure as a member of Kea-Guffin’s team, sophomore Lauren Stoltzfus, who is new to the league said, “Yeah, it’s pressure to win, but really we’re all just in it for the fun.”

Although Kea-Guffin has been a fierce competitor in the past, many hopeful teams would like to take on the title as champ.

First-year player sophomore Desi Shank of Eagle said, “I expect our team to go out and play a good game – do well and win a little. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I do hope for us to come out in the end as champs.”

To get a taste of these hardcore females, check out the next game between Kea-Guffin and Gough/Doane/Commuters at 3 p.m. on Oct. 5 .

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