Phillies Playoff picture

The Philadelphia Phillies will make it to the World Series this year. How do I know? It’s actually quite simple. I used a formula that has been around since the beginning of baseball: good pitching beats a good offense. And as all Phillies fans know, they have the best pitching in all of baseball.

The Phillies are in the top five of basically every pitching category, including first in team ERA, Wins and runs given up. They have two legitimate Cy Young contenders in Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee who are top ten in the league for wins and strikeouts.

The Phillies’ offense rankings average among other teams in the majors. Their offense is good enough to win with their excellent pitching.

There is only one team in the National League that will pose a serious threat to the Phillies and that is the Milwaukee Brewers. Both their pitching and offence rank in the top ten in the League. They also have the best home record of any team in the Majors. If there is one team that might prevent the Phillies from making the World Series, it’s the Brewers. But anyway, back to the Phillies. They will more than likely end up with the best record in the majors this year and by far the best record in the National League. Strong pitching has brought the Phillies this far, and I project it to take them all the way!  

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