Mall Cottage to Janet Long Mall Cottage

What characterizes an amazing woman? 

This is what several speakers, such as President Dr. David Black, Chancellor Dr. Chris Hall and Chaplain Dr. Joe Modica attempted to answer as they remembered Janet Long, former Director of Student Accounts. Long passed away this summer after battling with cancer.

As students walk past the Mall Cottage on the path between McInnis and Walton, they may notice a new sign placed outside the doorway. The sign reads, “Janet Long Mall Cottage” as a commemoration to one of Eastern’s most dedicated employees.

Inside the Janet Long Mall Cottage, visitors will find that some of Long’s favorite verses have been painted on the wall to reflect her strong faith.

In the speeches before the unveiling of the sign on Oct. 1, Dr. Black said that the way Long lived her life and interacted in her job was “in a very godly way, a very wise way.” Dr. Hall followed up with his own observations of what faith looks like in action.

Lisa Holland, current Director of Student Accounts and a friend of Long, recalled how even in the most frustrating times, Long would grin and bear it, even skip down the hall, providing hope and joy to her fellow coworkers.

Karen and Norman, Long’s siblings, also attended the event and presented the university with two photos of Long: one of her in her younger years and the other of her receiving her doctorate shortly before she passed away.

Dr. Hall said in his closing about Janet Long, “it is a name students should know,” and so her name will be displayed in front of the building where she once dedicated her time.

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