A Classy Get-together:

Students gathered in the Baird Library clad in elegant apparel, “dressed to impress” as “The Classic” invitation suggested. “The Classic: A Government Gala” was held by Student Government Association on Oct. 11. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., students mingled with one another and with their 21 SGA representatives.

When entering the Baird Library, guests were warmly welcomed into the room decorated with balloons and streamers. Concern cards were available if students had suggestions about anything on campus. Around the room tables were set up offering snacks: cookies, chocolates, bread, cheeses and much more. Drinks such as sparkling cider, pina colada, shirley temples, margarita mix, cranberry cocktail, grenadine and soda were offered to the chatting guests.

“I don’t normally come to events, but this is actually pretty fun, more fun than expected,” first-year Michael Fluehrer said.

After only 15 minutes, 42 students had come to take part in “The Classic,” and attendance rate generally stayed the same throughout the night.

“The people are lovely, the drinks are lovely and the atmosphere is delightful!” first-year Clint Rosario said over the ringing of laughter and chitchat.

“We held this event to bring people together in a different atmosphere to meet SGA,” junior Timothy Wotring, President of SGA, said. Wotring announced to the guests of the gala how thankful he was that students were taking part in the event and he expressed his surprise of the turnout.

Students seemed to be very interested in meeting the members of SGA and took advantage of this event. “I got to talk to my representative (Andy Cupshalk) to voice my opinion,” first-year Josiah Peffer said.

Students gained knowledge about SGA and now know their representatives personally. They were also able to dress up and enjoy themselves at this classy Government Gala.

“This is a great way for SGA to reach out to their fellow peers,” junior Colleen Freeman said, and everyone seemed to agree.


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