LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Interest in Catholicism does not mean a distaste for Protestantism

For anyone who read “Catholics Hold Prayer Meetings in Gough” in the September 29 issue of The Waltonian I would like to make clear that the article did not express how I really feel about the Church. I have not converted to Catholicism and do not plan on doing so anytime soon.

It is not true that I do not find “values and continued, disciplined teaching” in Protestant churches. I have grown up in Protestantism and believe there are many beautiful aspects of our tradition, that God really does work through the Protestant branch of his Church.

I believe there is much to learn from the other two great branches of Christianity, that they provide fresh approaches to the spiritual life which can only strengthen our faith whether we decide to convert or not. It is healthy for Christians of one tradition to consider doctrines which are emphasized differently in traditions other than their own. It is good for the universal Church when there is dialogue between its different branches and when we can work together to further the kingdom of God.

I believe my spiritual life has benefited from the practice of meditating on the mysteries of the rosary; I believe whatever small amounts of knowledge and wisdom I have gained concerning Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox tradition have helped mature my relationship with God. I hope to be able to continually learn more and dive deeper into the wisdom of these three rich traditions.

I want to make clear that I have not given up on Protestantism; I love Protestantism and I have great hope for all of the parts of Christ’s body.

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