Basketball welcomes new assistant coach ‘

Philadephia native Kyle Adams has joined the Eagles basketball program, bringing years of experience. As a student of the game, Adams provides a new perspective to the court, according to Chad Hunter, assistant coach to men’s basketball.

“He knows the game well and can create appropriate and relevant developmental plans,” Hunter said, “but even better, he’s a likeable and professional guy that fits in well with our staff.”

Adams started his coaching career at Mapleton High School in Malvern, PA and from there he became assistant coach at his alma mater, Cheyney University.

In 2002 as an associate head coach at the Community College of Philadelphia, his team won the PCAA championships.

During his most recent post he served as lead assistant coach for the Plattsburgh State University Cardinals in upstate New York. The team went on to make their first appearance in the conference playoffs semi-finals.

Adams is excited to extend his winning tradition to Eastern. For his players Adams emphasizes hard work, determination and playing with heart.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to help [head coach Matt Nadelhoffer] and our staff and to reach out to some of those players we may not have had previous relationships with in the Philadelphia area,” Adams said.

According to Adams, this year’s revised offense helps to develop sound players who can pass, screen and cut without running set patterns.

Similar to Notre Dame and Duke, the tweaked motion offense involves constant movement without touching the ball and creates openings for passes.

“It’s just a motion offense that uses space on the floor, understanding the concept of screening, knowing where you should be in recognition to the ball and understanding how to get other people open and not yourself,” Adams explained.

Adams credits Nadelhoeffer for bringing Eastern basketball to the next level.

“We’re a very young staff and we’re not that far removed from them as players,” Adams said.

“On a division three level in this area, there is not a coaching staff that’s going to outwork us and do as much as we do to provide mentorship and guidance to our players,” he said.

According to Adams, the incoming first-year players possess a competitive spirit and intensity.

“Their hunger is unmatched,” he said. “They are going to have ups and downs but we are excited about their work ethic.”

“We have guys we have to kick out of the gym some days,” Adams added. “That is always refreshing to see.”

Adams’ high school coach, George Werthmuller, had a significant effect on him wanting to pursue coaching as a career.

John Chaney, the legendary Temple Owls’ basketball coach and the fourth active coach with the most wins in division one college basketball, also influenced Adams’s life.

Adams had the opportunity to spend time with coach Chaney during his summers. From Chaney, Adams learned about the sport and learned new ways to build relationships with people and players.

Adams is a big fan of Sherman Douglas, who played at Syracuse University, and former Sixers point guard Eric Snow.

“These individuals weren’t the most skilled athletically, but had a great understanding of what they needed to do in order to help their team be successful,” he said.

For Adams, college ball is the purest form of the sport because of its emphasis on team play.

“The NBA is focused on individuals and can sometimes get away from the true essence of what a team sport is about,” he said.

However, Adams admits that he enjoyed watching former Sixers coach Larry Brown lead the Pistons to an NBA championship.

NBA teams like the Detroit Pistons mirror teams who play basketball according to the adage that “defense wins championships, offense wins games.”

“That championship personified team play, high basketball I.Q., toughness and everyone understanding their role,” Adams said.

As for the Eagles’ upcoming season Adams is optimistic about the team’s performance.

“It’s our turn to step up and make some noise and really compete in this league,” Adams said. “We’re excited and our guys are excited.”

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