Lars and The Real Girl Movie Review

Lars and the Real Girl is the story of a life-sized plastic doll that changes the lives of the members of a close-knit small town. The opening of this odd, but touching, movie introduces us to Lars. Played by Ryan Gosling, Lars is a 27-year-old recluse who lives alone in the garage adjacent to his brother’s house. After those around him insist he begin looking for a significant other, Lars orders a custom adult blow-up doll from the Internet and names it Bianca.

As the story progresses and Bianca’s fictitious character develops, we begin to see who Lars is underneath his many layers. It presents to us a society in which someone with issues can be enveloped in love by people who genuinely appreciate one another.

The town’s unique and compassionate individuals go above and beyond the call of duty in playing along with the idea of Bianca. From bathing her to sending get-well flowers, the community thoroughly accepts Bianca and, in turn, Lars.

This film offers a refreshing take on how attempting to understand someone else can not only change their life, but ours as well. Seemingly outrageous as it is, Lars and the Real Girl portrays people displaying the very qualities we should be striving towards each day.

Lars and the Real Girl shows us life from an interesting perspective and supplies laughs along the way. Each character is dynamic and has you rooting for them throughout the film. Gosling makes it impossible not to love and appreciate Lars.

This movie is funny and thought-provoking. It shows you a strange and delusional young man turning into someone you can deeply understand. Through him, we learn that everyone has a story beneath the surface, and, no matter what it may be, it is a story worth knowing.

Although it was a little slow at parts, sticking with the movie until the end is incredibly rewarding. Lars and the Real Girl is touching, incredibly sweet and definitely an enjoyable film.

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