Eastern to host environmental summit

The third annual national environmental summit will be taking place on Eastern’s campus during Fall Free Days, Oct. 17-19.

The conference is a gathering of Christian college students, from the United States and Canada, who come together to discuss environmental issues and learn what steps they can take to make a difference while still in school.

Sophomore Tyler Sheaffer is serving as Eastern’s student ambassador for the summit, having traveled to Minneapolis the week before classes began for a three-day workshop.

Sheaffer serves as a board member for the organization Renewal, formerly known as Project 215, which is holding the summit.

While at the workshop, Sheaffer said the group sent out close to 100 letters to probable speakers and groups.

“There’s a possibility of having some pretty amazing people here,” Sheaffer said.

One guaranteed speaker will be Peter Illyn from the organization Restoring Eden.

Eastern was chosen to host the event because it is considered a top-notch environmental hub, Sheaffer said.

“People may not know it, but in the national environmental community, Eastern is big,” Sheaffer said.

The summit will feature large conferences for all attendees and different sessions focusing on specific issues; attendees can pick and choose which topics appeal to their interests.

Sheaffer said the group is also hoping to bring in a blue grass band and hold a dance that Saturday evening.

“All Eastern students are invited to come,” Sheaffer said. The fee for the summit has not yet been determined.

Eastern students will also be asked to host visiting students for the weekend and will probably receive some type of discount if they do, Sheaffer said.

If anyone has more ideas pertaining to the summit or would like to volunteer, Sheaffer can be reached at hatredtolove@gmail.com.

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