Eastern starts self study

There are a lot of people who work hard to make Eastern what it is; it is not an easy task to say the least.

Last year, EU began what’s called the “self study” process, a procedure required by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

Middle States is the association responsible for accrediting various colleges and universities in the Northeast region, including Eastern.

The government instituted the process of self study to ensure that federal aid is being used appropriately. 

The self study process happens every ten years but spans two years, one of preparation, and one of a data collection, culminating with 100 to 150 page report, not including supporting documents.

Essentially, this process attempts to ensure that Eastern is producing real, tangible results in the form of qualified students.

“The goal is student learning, our students learning and being formed according to our mission statement. The question is, do we do that?” said Dr. Kent Sparks, who is the student committee chair and responsible for much of the grunt work. 

The two year process involves collection of data through student surveys, focus groups and related investigation. 

David King, Eastern’s Provost and the chief self study chair said, “The process is there to ensure that your diploma means what it’s supposed to mean. It’s an opportunity to examine ourselves, to search for evidence and also to better ourselves as an institution of higher education.”

Much of last year was spent in preparation for this daunting process. This year, the data will be collected and Dr. Sparks will write the report this summer.

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