Class projects simplified thanks to library

AP Images

Eastern students and faculty now have access to 5 million copyright-free images on the AP Images database.  The images on this database will not have distracting watermarks and can be enlarged without looking grainy.  Specific searches by color, subject and other categories are possible, and the images can enhance projects such as PowerPoint presentations.  A link for AP Images can be located by clicking “Databases” on the left-hand side of the library homepage.

According to Joy Dlugosz, Reader Services Librarian, the library will be coordinating 15-minute informal sessions instructing students on the use of the AP Images database.  Signs will be posted indicating when and where the sessions will be held.



Students and faculty can now use LibGuides to search for information within class subjects, such as Anthropology or Communications Studies, when researching for a project or paper.  It will display search results from trusted sources.  On the library homepage, there is a button labeled “Our Resources” that connects to a page where a link for LibGuides can be found.

More subjects are still in the process of being added to the online resource, but it is open and available for use.


Rapid Inter-Library Loan

When searching for journal articles on a database, some articles may indicate that the full text is not available.  Now, students have the option to request the full article through the Rapid Inter-Library Loan, and it should arrive in the student’s e-mail within 48 hours.  It is important that the article is not already available in Warner Library, either in print or on a database, or the loan request will not work.  This should be a simple process, but if there is any confusion, Joy Dlugosz, Reader Services Librarian, encourages students to ask any librarian at the Reference Desk.  To use Rapid ILL, follow the “Services” link on the library homepage.



Citation Guides

The purpose of this tool is to help students develop a works cited page or to correctly use in-text citation within research papers.  Every style, such as MLA or APA, is available under the citation guide.  A link can be found on the library homepage under “Our Resources.”


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