Campolos oppose in homosexuality debate

The Warner Library atrium was filled to capacity when Dr. Tony Campolo and his wife Peggy came to debate the controversial topic of homosexuality. The event was sponsored by Refuge, Eastern’s gay-straight alliance.

The room buzzed with anticipation as junior Elise Yarnell and Abby De Silva, co-presidents of Refuge, introduced the couple.

Tony Campolo, the first to speak, took a stance against homosexual behavior but not against homosexuals. His argument was similar to that of his opposition, Peggy Campolo. Both agreed that homosexuality was not a choice, but a biological predisposition.

They also agreed that the church must be more welcoming of the gay community, which brought up the question, “Why is the church such a weak force in straying the hatred toward the gay community?”

Overall, the debate lacked a central focus, and at times it seemed as if both Campolos were saying the same thing.

In spite of this oversight, the general feeling in the room was positive and the event was seen as a success for both Refuge and the Eastern community at large.

Emily Pfizenmayer, 2007 graduate and former president of Refuge, said, “Refuge has grown and it is a testament to the student body, administration, and faculty.”

In Eastern’s early days, being a homosexual on campus was difficult. 2007 graduate Peter Macari, an openly gay student, felt that the discussion was an important one that had not existed during his time here.

“The people who were ‘out’ at Eastern were outcasts,” Macari said. “But I’m proud to say I’m an Eastern alum after this.”

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