A good man’s life cut short

Around 6:50 a.m. on Saturday, September 13, Eastern graduate studies student Veno Leigertwood was shot and killed outside his home in Yeadon, Pa. Leigertwood was just about to get into his car and head to Eastern to make a presentation when he was murdered.

A real estate entrepreneur and Philadelphia School District employee, Leigertwood was on pace to graduate from Eastern’s M.B.A. program this December.

Earlier this year, Leigertwood and his wife Raven had their first daughter, Nichole. Leigertwood met his wife while they were both undergrads at Penn State, according to Mimia Parham, a long-time friend.

Parham, a site director for Eastern’s graduate and professional studies program in Philadelphia, knew Leigertwood since the days when they lived in St. Vincent Grenadine. Parham described Leigertwood as an extremely compassionate person who believed firmly in helping others.

In the Philadelphia School District, Leigertwood served as a guidance counselor providing mentoring for students of low-income families.

According to co-worker Edith Taige, Leigertwood reached “literally thousands of students in the area” during his five years of service.

“He was an extremely driven person,” Taige said. “He did whatever it took to serve the students he was working with.”

Parham said that Leigertwood had aspirations of going for his Ph.D., something the two had in common and were looking into. He also had a desire to one day return to St. Grenadine to “capture” the real estate.

“His life of service has inspired me to finish the work he is no longer able to,” Parham said. “A good man never dies; his legacy lives forever.”

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