A decade of music:

For ten years, Eastern University’s music department has hosted its annual Music Gala, an evening filled with works performed by staff, students and alumni. “The music gala began as an idea about 11 years ago with the intent of developing a vehicle for public relations and fund-raising on behalf of the music department,” says Ron Matthews, Music Department Chair.
Yearly proceeds from the gala are put towards projects that are typically unfunded by the music department’s budget, which Matthews calls “an asset to our program.” The revenue from last year’s gala acquired Eastern a Steinway concert grand piano, an important addition to the music department. No particular beneficiary has been identified for this year’s proceeds, though a portion may go toward funding this year’s choir tour.
Students, faculty and Eastern’s larger community attending the April 5th event can look forward to a night of amazing talents. Performances include a piece dedicated in the memory of Duncan Stearns, a piano faculty member who passed away last May. Senior Justin Tokke will play a piece featuring Turning Point, and jazz musicians will perform, as well as Eastern’s choir. There will also be a performance highlighting the Music Department’s alumni. Among these alumni is Robert Plimpton, a ’63 graduate and internationally acclaimed organist. This year marks the 50th year after Plimpton’s matriculation from Eastern University.
Students are encouraged to attend the gala in “support of their peers and in support of Eastern,” says Matthews. “Its educational, it’s beautiful, it’s fast moving, and it should be a lot of fun.” The gala begins at 7:30 p.m. at Church of the Savior in Wayne. Tickets start at $15. Don’t miss it!

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