EU Security to Offer Shuttle Service to Fox & Hound

In an effort to promote off-campus socializing, Eastern University Security, sponsored by the Student Activities Board (S.A.B.) and the Office of Faith and Practice, will begin offering a shuttle service to Fox & Hound every Tuesday night, starting on April 2nd. Often referred to as simply “The Fox,” this King of Prussia sports bar is already a hot spot for Eastern upperclassmen, and S.A.B. sees this move as a way to enhance community beyond the notorious EU bubble. Additionally, this service will greatly reduce – if not completely eliminate – the temptation to drive back to campus under the influence. Although this is not currently a major problem, EU Security would like to take measures to prevent it from becoming one.

The Fox offers two-dollar draft beers on Tuesdays, so it is only fitting that this is when the weekly shuttle service will be available. Eastern Security will not begin offering the shuttle service until after Easter, as they believe it is inappropriate to encourage alcohol consumption during Lent.

While some of the logistics of this service are still being worked out, it is certain that it will be offered between the hours of 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. A shuttle will run between the Eagle Learning Center and the front door of Fox & Hound approximately once per hour. Of course, the shuttle service will only be offered to students who are above the age of 21, and EU Security is considering hiring a bouncer to sit in the van to check IDs and prevent unruly behavior.
For more information on this service, please visit the Eastern University Security’s Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter (@maroonvansquad).

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