16th century fun at the Renaissance Faire

 There aren’t many places where you can be completely transported into an entirely different time period within just a few hours. At the Renaissance Faire, however, you can.  


Located in Manheim, Pa., just an hour from Eastern’s campus, the Renaissance Faire has been giving people a deeper look into life of 16th century England for years. The lively event occurs every year beginning in August and extending into late October, drawing people from all over to experience the annual fun.


With the purchase of a $24.95 ticket, anyone can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enter the slow-paced world of the medieval period. Those who attend the Renaissance Faire will find themselves spellbound with the countless activities the Faire offers, from watching a real-life jousting match to experiencing live plays like Romeo and Juliet or even watching men perform stunts like eating fire. 


For those who are more interested in shopping at quaint shops or eating delightful food, the Renaissance Faire will not disappoint.  Stores like the Emerald Castle, Forever Amber Rose and Mystical Harmonies sell beautiful jewelry, much of which is hand-crafted and sold at affordable prices.  


The Renaissance Faire even offers visitors a chance to purchase authentic clothing from this age past at stores such as Medieval Gallery and Thorny Rose.


The food is absolutely fit for a queen, with delectable treats from medieval England such as authentic peasant bread, potato pancakes and smoked turkey legs. However, America’s favorite comfort foods like burgers, fries, pizza and ice cream are available too. Just by walking the roads of the Renaissance Faire, you can smell the aroma of England as it must have been hundreds of years ago. 

You’ll be greeted numerous times in pleasant accents and 16th century speech. The actors may even give you details on how they work from dawn to dusk, pleasing the Queen of England and working hard to succeed. The Renaissance Faire hires actors and actresses to portray these characters, but it is almost unbelievable how real they make it seem.


There is still time to get a taste of the Renaissance period. On the last weekend, Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, there will be a $10 discount for every student with a valid college identification card, so do not miss this chance to get a look into history.

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