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When Will You Let Go?: Eastern’s policies are preventing students from maturing into adults.

College is a confusing time for students because we are considered adults but are treated like children. As soon as we are 18, we have officially entered adulthood and we expect to be treated like adults. However, this is not the case at Eastern University. There are rules regarding who […]

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Farewell, Elton John: A review of Elton’s final stop in New York on his farewell tour.

For over fifty years, Elton John has been recording hits and touring the world, bringing audiences his wonderful music. But, like all things, it eventually has to come to an end. Not all can continue revolutionizing concert tours like U2, or have the happiness to play 40-song sets like Paul […]

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The “Art Of” the Color Red: A dive into the natural and symbolic beauty of the color red.

Roses, wine and ladybugs: there is so much symbolism and nature to be discovered in the art of the color red. We see red everyday, it is the most noticeable color and yet it isn’t the color we think of first when we think of nature. And for good reason!  […]

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Boring and Forgettable Classes: A Review of Joshua Gibbs’s Book “Something They Will Not Forget.”

How many times have you taken a required course only to discover that after summer you forgot pretty much everything? I suspect everyone has had such an experience at least once. If not, you’re either lying, or you’re a genius with impeccable memory who should be on “Jeopardy.” The unfortunate […]

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Vengeance and… Cats?: A short review of “The Batman” (2022).

Having gone through multiple script-rewrites, directors and actors, “The Batman” eventually found itself in the hands of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson. But the trials were not over. The film’s production was cut short by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the release date was pushed to October, 2021. Production eventually […]

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The Hound of St. Dominic: A look at the elusive mystery surrounding this painting and its painter, Juan de Pareja.

During a trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I encountered an exhibit set back in a small room on the second floor of the gallery. The exhibit was called “Juan de Pareja: A Painter’s Story.” The room looked dark; the only light visible from afar was shining on the […]

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Mural Club: Check out Eastern’s newest club!

There’s a brand new club on campus! The Art and Mural Club, started by Alecia Espinosa, had its first meeting on Thursday March 10 and has been meeting each Thursday at 7pm in Hainer Basement since then. Espinosa has been passionate about art all her life, even attending a high […]

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Toward the Black Christ: Faith Forum 2022 with Dr. Reggie Williams.

During the week of March 18, the Office of Faith and Practice in cooperation with Campolo Scholars, Palmer Seminary and Templeton Honors College welcomed scholar and author Dr. Reggie Williams for three days of invigorating conversation. The conversations centered around Williams’ acclaimed book, Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and […]

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A Diverse Community: Eastern’s International Festival celebrates the global community we live in.

The International Festival has been a recurring tradition during my time at Eastern, and one that many students have enjoyed. This year, the festival took place on Saturday, March 12, from 3pm to 6pm. Originally, it was supposed to be held in the Walton area of campus, but it was […]

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The Meaning of a Mother: A student reflects on his mother’s influence in his life for Women’s History Month.

Writing about your mother is like writing a paper the night it is due: it’s pretty risky, sometimes rewarding and when it comes down to it, it’s necessary. March is women’s history month. While abundantly important, it is ultimately depressing that our world appreciates women and the contributions they have […]