Author: Andrew Korpan

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The Life of a Hollywood Reporter.

Jeff Sneider is an experienced film reporter who has worked for the likes of TheWrap, Mashable, Collider and is now an Editor at Below The Line. Do you remember the first time I reached out to you a couple of years ago? I do. I was impressed that you reached […]

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Isolation and “Fully Vaccinated”: Athletes have had different reactions as the NCAA has changed what it means to be fully vaccinated.

As some students, including myself, are still attempting to figure out how they can return to campus amidst positive tests and the always-changing policies for handling said tests, the NCAA has recently announced its updated COVID-19 guidelines for winter sports that are playing and practicing amidst the pandemic. On January […]

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Martin Scorsese and Marvel: Two Years Later

It has been about two years since Martin Scorsese made waves by declaring the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as “not cinema.” It sparked controversy, as various filmmakers and actors involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe came out and defended their product. Even two years later, it seems as though filmmakers […]