Articles written by: Jared Maier


Bennett Hill to Lecture at Church of the Good Shepherd

     Retired historian Bennett Hill will be presenting a tour of Radnor’s Church of the Good Shepherd on March 19. As part of their annual series, the Radnor Historical Society is hosting this event on Sunday, March 19 at 4 p.m. It is entitled, “History and Architecture of the […]


The Importance of Storytelling

     I once had someone on campus tell me, “There is no need for stories.” What would someone’s life be if they never heard a story? I believe a life without stories is a life without empathy, imagination and unfathomable truth.      The best way to understand someone is […]


Three Tips for Third Wheeling

     I don’t have a girlfriend, and at the moment, I don’t need one. I go third wheeling. I am a professional in my field, and I have decided to become a consultant to help others be the perfect complement to their friends’ match made in Heaven. I can teach […]

David Bradstreet with his new book, “Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our Cosmos.”

Recent Publications by Eastern Faculty

     More than 15 Eastern faculty members have recently published books, with their sales ranging from our university bookstore all the way to the online jungles of Amazon.      Drick Boyd, professor of urban studies, published “White Allies in the Struggle for Racial Justice,” which is a 280-page […]


Dan Mouw Named Director of Athletic Communications

     Dan Mouw of the Eastern Athletic Department has left his post as the Head Women’s Soccer Coach to assume the position of Director of Athletic Communications. On Jan. 6 Bettie Ann Brigham and Interim Athletic Director Heidi Birtwistle announced that “Dan Mouw has agreed to serve the Athletic […]


Top Five Underrated Films of 2016

     Before I begin my list: there were movies in 2016 that I have not seen, but I wish I had. Those include “Arrival,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Jackie” and “Paterson.” I will give an honorable mention to “Shin Godzilla,” directed, written and edited by Hideaki Anno (the creator of “Neon […]


On Knowing Humanity Project Seeks Christian Perspective in Anthropology

     Anyone on campus who has studied human nature knows how difficult it is to examine without first adapting a secular mindset. In the modern era, studying the interactions between different people and cultures is often viewed in a light that keeps God out in the dark. Eastern’s On […]

In light of new rules prohibiting excessive touchdown celebrations, the NFL has been giving players increasingly high fines for their antics.

NFL Enforces New Rules Against Excessive Celebrations

      I am not a sports-loving kind of guy. My personal favorite is America’s beloved game of baseball, but recently the NFL has caught my attention. I know how football is played, and from the Super Bowls I have watched, I have a general feeling of what is a […]

EU sophomore Lynnae Stine has performed in several films in addition to participating in theater at Eastern.

A Conversation with Eastern’s Hidden Gem, Lynnae Stine

     Listen closely, because I am going to tell you one of the best kept secrets of Eastern University: there’s a movie star on campus. I’m serious. She’s acted in three projects on the East Coast, met and spoken with Tilda Swinton (“Doctor Strange”) and Lily Collins (“Rules Don’t […]


The Visionary Behind EU’s Visual Arts Club

     The world is his stage. He simply selects which parts of the world to highlight. The cast are made up of friends, neighbors and newcomers. He invites anyone’s presence to bring in life and meaning. The vision is in his mind. He molds his environment until it illustrates […]